Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Table Centerpiece

Another DIY project featured on BHG.

Here's what you'll need to create this simple and sweet centerpiece: a foam cube, clear glass holiday bulb ornament, decorative packing tape.

    Using a spoon, hollow out a crater in the foam cube. The hole should be just large enough to nestle the clear glass bulb. Wrap the foam cube with decorative tape. Then simply fill half the bulb with water and poke your favorite cut flowers inside. Try lining three centerpieces along your dining table or mantel.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cupcake Wrappers Wall Art

Sweet Success - This was featured on Its easy and amazing.

    Cupcake wrappers become funky abstract art. Here's how: Look for a rippled plastic sheet used for industrial lighting covers. Use a large ruler and a crafts knife to cut the plastic sheet into four equal-size squares. Set the squares on a flat surface or floor. Arrange your cupcake liners on top--the more random the pattern, the better.

Copper Wire Bonsai

If you are fond of Bonsai but too lazy to take care of it than you should try this out.I made this Bonsai out of copper wire and plastic fibers of a Christmas pine tree leaf.

 First Cut the copper wire in all equal sizes you can chose whatever size you like the longer the better to shape and twist.
I used the plastic fiber of a Christmas pine tree leaf which I had as I wanted a natural look. You can use beads, shells, etc.
Untwist the pine leaf to remove the plastic fiber and place it between the copper wire and twist it on top to secure it to the wire. I made some big size twigs too. For the big size twig just bend the top of the wire and place the fiber in-between and twist.
I joined 4 twigs together, 3 twigs together as it would be easy for me to twist later. You can now start joining all the twigs together and twist them and make the desired shape you require. For the base i used a rock which i had. For the roots divide the wire in 4 or 5 parts and twist them. I think the more the roots the more realistic it looks.
Your Bonsai is ready.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paper Rose

1. Cut your paper into 7x7cm square and draw a spiral on it.
2. Cut out the spiral along the lines you have drawn.
3.Begin rolling out the spiral from outside.
4. Keep on rolling till you reach the end and later glue the end and your done with the rose.
 I had a twig which i spray painted in silver and made some more rose's and glued them on it.
For the vase i used a left over glass of a scented candle and decorative jar filler.
And this is what it looked like...:)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Origami Kusudama Flower


 Below I will show you how to make the basic shape of Kusudama flower petals. Every flower will then have 5 of these petals glued together  making a flower. 

1.Cut 7x7cm paper into squares.

2.Fold the bottom corner to the top.

3.Fold the left and right corners up to the middle corner.

4.Open up the flaps and flatten them.

5.Fold the top triangles towards you so they are level with the edges of the paper.

6.Fold the triangles back using the crease you made earlier and glue the outside triangles together.
6.Now make 5 more of these petals and glue them together.
And your Kusudama Flower is Ready..;) You can make Kusudama Ball by gluing more flowers together.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Bonsai

Deco Balls

These Deco Balls was featured on I fell in love with it at once and could not wait to try it. I made these deco balls out of thumbtacks and Styrofoam balls. I used metallic gold thumbtack as it could go well on my wall paint. You can use different color thumbtacks and create this lovely deco balls. You can follow step by step instruction on the above link.
Can Be Used As Jar Fillers

Wall Art

Wall Art In The Hall Way
Made this wall art from self-adhesive wall paper and ready flower i bought from the market. I first cut out the wall paper to make shapes of branches and pasted on the wall and went on pasting until i could get the perfect shape of a tree. Later i pasted the flower using double sided tape.
In Our Bedroom

Our Room color is in blue so luckily i got flower in blue and black. So for the branches i used black wall paper and the Patel’s i used as leaves.