Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Copper Wire Bonsai

If you are fond of Bonsai but too lazy to take care of it than you should try this out.I made this Bonsai out of copper wire and plastic fibers of a Christmas pine tree leaf.

 First Cut the copper wire in all equal sizes you can chose whatever size you like the longer the better to shape and twist.
I used the plastic fiber of a Christmas pine tree leaf which I had as I wanted a natural look. You can use beads, shells, etc.
Untwist the pine leaf to remove the plastic fiber and place it between the copper wire and twist it on top to secure it to the wire. I made some big size twigs too. For the big size twig just bend the top of the wire and place the fiber in-between and twist.
I joined 4 twigs together, 3 twigs together as it would be easy for me to twist later. You can now start joining all the twigs together and twist them and make the desired shape you require. For the base i used a rock which i had. For the roots divide the wire in 4 or 5 parts and twist them. I think the more the roots the more realistic it looks.
Your Bonsai is ready.


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