Sunday, March 4, 2012

Artificial Orchid Arrangement

I had been to Center Point and seen these lovely breath taking artificial orchids but the cost was breath taking too. One piece coasted 20$ so i thought why not include this in my DIY project which can cost much less.

So here is my artificial orchid vase DIY project.

Materials used is proclain plate, artificial orchids, artificial moss ball, artificial leaves and hot glue total cost about 2$

First i glued the orchid to the artificial moss and later glued it to the plate.

Later i arranged the orchid in the desired position i required and glued the leaves and added some stones to it so it could have a natural look.
And here's its final look  pretty pretty just in  2$.

I made more 2 of these of same kind to have it on my side tables in my leaving room.