Monday, October 15, 2012

Wax Paper Chandelier

If you are in love with these beautiful capiz Chendelier but cant find it or afford it or need something cheaper than why not DIY?

I made this Chendelier out of Wax Paper and is it not similar to the Capiz Chendelier and cheaper too...;)
All i  needed  was  Wax paper, cardboard, nidle and tread.

Cut your wax paper into long pieces.Iron your pieces together.I had no parchment so i used just plain paper it worked..;) Start by laying down paper then three pieces of wax paper, then paper and iron them.

Once you are done ironing flod your paper in ziz zag.

You can use a circle cutter to cut the circle of your choice of size. I din't had a circle  cutter so i traced circle on the wax paper using pencil.

 After you are done tracing its time to cut the circles which took a lot time and the result as shown below.

For the frame you can use a hanging basket or an old lamp shade or anything that comes to your mind. I used cardboard...:)
Drew two size circle on the cardboard a small and a big size. You will see 2 big size and 2 small size thats because i planned of making 2 chendelier for our bedroom...;) Later i cut the cardboard and spray painted it in silver.
Once it dried up it was now time for me to join them. I used tread to join the smaller circle to the larger one as show below.

once you are done with this its time to add your cut butter paper circle.
You can glue it or you can use your needle and thread to add the butter paper circle. And here is the result.

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