Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SunBurst Mirror

Made this sunburst mirror out of Sushi mate. Had an old sushi mat which i thought would be perfect to make this. In fact I had two different kinds of mat luckily the one with thinner cylindrical bamboo sticks and another with flat and wider bamboo sticks. So I used the flats one to give a long effect and the cylindrical to give short effect.
1.I Untied the sushi mat and wiped them well.

2. I dint had to cut the flat bamboo stick as they were perfect in size for the mirror. But the cylindrical bamboo stick I cut it little shorter than the flat ones all in equal size.
3. I spray painted the flat bamboo stick in black
and cylindrical bamboo stick in gold.
4. By the time the paint would dry i took the mirror and started marking on the behind of the mirror with a measuring tape 1/2 cm below the edge of the mirror and 1/2 cm apart as it would be easy for me while gluing the sticks on the mirror.(check the image below)
 5. Once the sticks were dried i started gluing the sticks to the mirror using a hot glue gun. I first started with the black sticks and once that was done i started gluing the gold sticks in between the black sticks.And the result is seen below.



  1. very pretty! thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Your blog has so many great little diy projects. I'm you newest follower:)

  2. What a beautiful blog.. Im following you now.. and am waiting to see .. lots more inspirations.. from your end..

    I'm based in Dubai.. (only FYI).. since you are near by.. :-)

    Which blog should I follow?? Will you updating both?? Let me know..

    take care.. and keep blogging!!

  3. Thanks Patricia.Your blog is amazing too. well i will be updating only one blog of mine i.e www.easymichart.blogspot.com. waiting to see more inspirational project from ur side.

    Take care and keep blogging.