Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wall Art

Can u guess what's this Wall Art made out of? Well its a room divider curtain. I had these room divider curtains with me which was gifted  to my mother by her friend and since its was of no use to her she gave it to me and yes it was of no use to me too but the way i used it now i feel its worth it.

First i measured how many piece will i require in a row on the wall  and i needed 7 piece each in a row. Than i took my husbands fishing line :) and tied 7 piece in a row.

After i was done done joining all of them i nailed the top first piece to the wall leaving a gap in between each row and my wall art was ready...;) loved the way it looked.


  1. It turned out so great....looks so beautiful and goes with wall color great...que?how to follow you without facebook?I m not seeing google follow up...

    1. Hey Nayana, thanks for ur comment.There is google follow up on my blog on the left hand side. I am already ur follower..

  2. SO DARLING!!! Such a cool idea!

    I gave you a blog award. Come check it out!

    Take Care!

  3. Brilliant! Those items look amazing after your magic touch!

  4. Hey Meijo, Thanks for the compliment..